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YEAH Pizza!!!


If you’ve been searching all over Tulsa for Authentic New York Pizza…you’ve found it. At NYC Pizza we don’t serve New York “styled” pizza…we serve AUTHENTIC New York Pizza from a traditional recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation.  We make our food with the love & care we use in our homes. 


Our recipe hasn’t changed over the years, but what has changed is who holds the pizza cutter.  Kenneth Lehman, JR. is proud to continue the tradition of bringing Authentic New York Pizza from his family to yours.

Over the years, people have asked us why our pizza is more expensive than chain/franchise pizzerias. We can only say quality comes at a price. At NYC Pizza, we make EVERYTHING BY HAND. We make our pizza and marinara sauce daily from scratch. Our pizza dough is made fresh each and every day...sometimes twice a day. We use ONLY whole milk mozarella cheese and the freshest ingredients we can buy from our distributors. Does this cost more? Sure it does; but it's what we choose to do in order to prepare what many Tulsans have come to believe is the best pizza in Tulsa.

So...if you want to have Authentic New York Pizza that is prepared fresh every day, then pick up the phone and call or stop by and taste what you've been missing.

DIAL 918.779.7760 for immediate delivery of your favorite pizza or pasta dish.